We know how important it is to find helpful resources when your child is struggling in school... we want to help.  

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Formal evaluation of a learning disability must be done by a licensed psychologist, neurologist or other qualified medical professional.    Psychoeducational evaluations can be obtained through the public school district or private practice.   

Parents may request a psychoeducational evaluation through their child's public school - or the public school they are zoned to attend.  Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) offers information on the Right to an Evaluation of a Child for Special Ed Services.

Informal Diagnostic Assessment & Referrals - TEC Dyslexia Resource Center offers informal assessments of foundational skills that are often associated with dyslexia. Appointments are based on availability.  Results with recommendations and resources are generally sent to parents within two weeks of the evaluation.  Informal Diagnostic Assessment is required for a student to be enrolled or placed on a Wait List for services at our Center.

TEC can also offer referrals to local licensed psychologists and organizations that provide formal psychoeducational evaluations.  

Coming Soon:  Formal Evaluations at our TEC Dyslexia Resource Center  by Jennifer Barbas, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist.  Check back for more details!