We know how important it is to find helpful resources when your child is struggling in school... we want to help.  

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Contact tutorec.info@gmail.com, or call Tracey Ely at 803-252-5051 to talk to someone about your needs.       

Dyslexia Assessment & Referrals - Tutor Eau Claire has books and videos about dyslexia testing in our Resource Library. We also offer informal assessments of foundational skills that are often associated with dyslexia. 

Formal evaluation of a learning disability must be done by a licensed psychologist, either through the public school district or private practice. Contact your public school district office for details, or contact Tutor Eau Claire for referral to a private practice. 








Tutoring – Tutor Eau Claire offers several opportunities for tutoring:

  • We offer affordable Summer, Homeschool and After School Reading clinics that include direct, multi-sensory, evidence based instruction in language by trained tutors.  These programs include Lexia® web-based language therapy and handwriting instruction. 
  • We maintain a list of private Orton-Gillingham, Barton and MSE trained tutors.  Private tutoring rates vary.
  • We train parents and professionals in the Barton Reading System, an effective, Orton-Gillingham-influenced program, to give them the tools they need to help their struggling reader.
  • We offer workshops in Multi-Sensory Education and Dyslexia Simulations to build fluency for parents and educators working with struggling readers.
  • We offer affordable enrollment in Lexia®, an online tutorial providing targeted practice to build confident reading and spelling skills.  Discounted rates available for families with multiple students.