The Barton System is an Orton-Gillingham influenced program designed for literacy volunteers and parents to help someone with dyslexia overcome reading failure.  The Barton Reading System consists of 10 levels (listed below).   NOTE: The levels do not equate to a grade level, they simply indicate the sequence in which the material must be taught.  Each level contains from 10 to 15 lessons (Levels 1 and 2 are a bit shorter).

Tutor Eau Claire offers Barton training to volunteers that tutor on-site with a student. Email for more information.

Sequence #         Name of Level

    1                        Phonemic Awareness

    2                       Consonants & Short Vowels

    3                       Closed Syllables and Units

    4                       Syllable Division & Vowel Teams

    5                       Prefixes and Suffixes

    6                       Six Reasons for Silent-E

    7                       Vowel-R Syllables

    8                       Advanced Vowel Teams

    9                       Influences of Foreign Languages

   10                      Greek Words & Latin Roots

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