Interested in becoming a tutor?

Tutor Eau Claire trains educators, parents and tutors to help struggling readers! 

Tutor Eau Claire trains educators, parents and tutors to help struggling readers! 

workshops & one-on-one training

You are invited to attend any of our workshops to experience a way to teach reading that utilizes a direct, structured, sequential, cumulative and multi-sensory approach.  While this is a proven teaching method for all students, it is a must  for the 10-20% that are dyslexic learners!

All of the workshops and training we offer at Tutor Eau Claire Dyslexia Resource Center utilize an OG based approach.  We are happy to visit with you to determine which training opportunities will best meet your individual goals.



Barton Reading System Tutor Training –Tutor Eau Claire Dyslexia Resource Center has a license for the Barton Reading System Tutor Training.  Individuals taking this training must volunteer on-site according to our license.

More information about the Barton Reading System is available on our Resources page.

Take the Barton Tutor Screening at to see if you have the needed phonemic awareness to become a Barton tutor.


Orton-Gillingham training

OG Classroom Educator

The Orton-Gillingham Classroom Educator is qualified to apply principles of the Orton-Gillingham Approach to modify and provide literary instruction for the classroom or small groups.  Utilizing direct instruction, teachers bring a multisensory, structured, sequential, phonics and linguistic approach into the classroom. Associate and Advanced levels of OG training are available.

OG associate

Associate Level members may tutor individuals using the Orton-Gillingham Approach while continuing to work under the supervision of a Fellow.

Orton-Gillingham practicum observations available in Columbia and Charleston, SC or by video.  Contact Janet Jones, Fellow/AOGPE at

OG Associate Level training will be offered at Tutor Eau Claire in July 2018.  Class size limited to 20 participants.

Educators and reading tutors are encouraged to take advantage of these excellent multisensory professional development opportunities.