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As many as 1:5 students struggle to learn to read. Yet research shows that 99% of them CAN learn to read with evidence-based reading instruction.  Will you help students like Mygel have access to reading instruction that works?!

Because of generous donors, Tutor Eau Claire offers deeply discounted tutoring rates for all students. Our fees range from $5  - $30/ hour (tuition is determined based on a family's income). Without your help, we would have to charge $45-$60/hour to provide these services!

Examples of how your donations dollars make a difference:    

$10  Provides a copy of our Helpful Hints for Reading  to a family or educator working with a struggling reader

$50  Provides an initial diagnostic assessment to determine a student's instructional needs.

$100 Gives a one year subscription to Lexia web-based language therapy,  giving a student access to direct instruction at home, school or anywhere the student has internet access

 $300  Covers a full five week session of tutoring (2 days/wk) with a tutor trained to teach in the way a dyslexic child learns

$1,350  Covers the cost for Orton-Gillingham training for one tutor or classroom teacher (Some donors choose to sponsor a specific teacher or school.)

$1,500  Provides a child with a school year of twice weekly, 1:1 Orton-Gillingham instruction (most students need 2-3 years of OG intervention)

Donations Needed!  We are in need of new or gently-used <in good working condition> laptops &/or iPads for our tutoring center.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Michelle at 843.368.2817.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization - your gift is tax-deductible!   Click on the donate button above for gifts by credit/debit card.  Gifts may also be mailed to:  Tutor Eau Claire Dyslexia Resource Center                                                        628 Muller Avenue, Columbia, SC  29203

Thank you for your support of the 1:5 that struggle to read!