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Multisensory Cursive Handwriting Instruction - Janet Jones

  • Eau Claire Presbyterian Church 628 Muller Ave. Columbia, SC 29203 USA (map)

Learn how to teach handwriting in this practical, memorable, hands-on workshop. Janet Jones will demonstrate a multisensory approach to teaching handwriting that is a powerful aid to unlocking literacy for struggling readers. 

Nearly 20 years ago, Betty Sheffield wrote an article titled, “Handwriting: A Neglected Cornerstone of Literacy,” in which she stated that handwriting instruction is critical for students with learning disabilities. She argued convincingly that handwriting should have a place in teacher preparation because consistent, careful handwriting instruction in the early grades is crucial to success in school, especially for students with learning difficulties.

Careful handwriting instruction is important because:

1) it is a kinesthetic route to our brains, and therefore an important memory channel

2) automatic handwriting allows a child to concentrate on spelling and thinking about what he is writing (frees brain for higher-order thinking); and

3) teachers and employers judge people’s intelligence and level of education on the appearance of their handwriting.

Cost: Free

Please RSVP by contacting Tracey Ely at or 803-530-3216