Tutor Eau Claire…


Makes a Difference


  • Recruiting and training community tutors.
  • Offering reading tutorials and one-on-one tutoring.
  • Helping students meet grade level standards.
  • Involving parents in Family Fluency Programs.
  • Advocating for students with specific learning disabilities.
  • Informing parents and teachers about dyslexia.


Meets the Need


In the Eau Claire Community of Richland County, School District One:

  • Children ask “Will you help me with my reading?”
  • 90% of students receive free or reduced lunch.
  • 40% of children in 1st grade are at risk for reading failure.

For struggling readers:

  • 74% of 1st grade students with reading difficulties, will be poor readers in 9th grade if there is no intervention.
  • Discouraged students turn to drugs, gangs, violence, teen sex and pregnancy.