Workshops for parents, teachers, and tutors


Dyslexia Simulation

In this interactive 1.5 hour event, "Dyslexia for A Day," participants experience the frustration of reading and writing as a dyslexic individual.  Eye opening for parents, educators, employers and spouses of those with dyslexia.

Helpful Hints for Reading

Learn the code that builds the English language.  This session explores letter sounds, 3 of the 6 syllable types (open, closed & -vce) and the three most common dividing patterns (, vc.v and  This session includes a brief Dyslexia Simulation.

Introduction to multi-sensory language training

Learn the basics of multi-sensory instruction.  Useful for all students, this approach is a must  for dyslexic learners.  This session includes basic procedures and techniques includingfinger spelling, S.O.S. (simultaneous oral spelling), card drills, red words and lesson planning.

Advanced syllable types

"Part Two" of our Helpful HintsWorkshop.  This session explores the three remaining syllable types ( 'r'-controlled, vowel teams and c-le).  While we encourage everyone to take the Helpful Hints class, it is not a prerequisite for this workshop.

 Orton-Gillingham Professional Development

Workshops with Janet Jones, Fellow/AOGPE are scheduled throughout the year.  Check our calendar for currently scheduled opportunities.


All of our workshops are available in a consultant capacity by Tutor Eau Claire staff and can be offered at our Dyslexia Resource Center or at your location.  Check our calendar for currently scheduled workshops. or contact us at  for details on planning a training for your group.